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Threat Model Techniques

Threat Modeling Intensive Lab

Group and individual coaching that builds threat model champions.

Real-time red and blue team, competitive threat modeling. Experience the thrill of testing and growing your threat modeling expertise in our dynamic, competitive learning lab! Team up with fellow participants to unearth hidden threats and devise effective countermeasures.

An immersive threat modeling experience with a consultative angle that teaches teams to threat model their designs. In this experience, we package together multiple training experiences and mix in a consultative approach to focus on teaching your team threat model techniques. Then we walk alongside them as they begin threat modeling things they are building. We’ll work with your team over thirty days, teaching, evaluating, and encouraging their threat modeling journey.

What To Expect:

For 30 days, participants will work with Chris Romeo to dive deep into the nuances of threat modeling to build one for the team. This includes:

Day One

  • Threat modeling kickoff, with the Introduction to Threat Modeling Learning Lab

  • Homework: Determine what you will threat model.

Day Eight

  • Overview of threat modeling

  • Step 1: Scope

  • Scoping exercise

  • Homework: Scoping your threat model

Day Ten

  • Step 2: Draw

  • Drawing exercise

  • Homework: Drawing your DFD

Day Twelve

  • Step 3: Analyze

  • Analysis exercise

  • Homework: Analyzing your DFD and listing threats

Day Fourteen

  • Step 4: Mitigate

  • Mitigation exercise

  • Homework: Mitigating your defined threats

Days Twenty-One to Twenty-Six

  • One-on-one coaching sessions with each participant.

  • Participant submits their threat model in advance for review and comment.

  • Threat Modeling Instructor reviews the threat model with the participant and makes suggestions for improvement.

Day Thirty:

  • Wrap up with the Threat Modeling Showdown Learning Lab

Results & Takeaways:

Real, actionable threat models for your product designs or code. A team with the knowledge and techniques to continue building threat models and become threat model champions.

Logistics & Cost

  • Length: Thirty-days

  • Mode of delivery: Virtual

  • Maximum number of participants: min. 8 – max. 20

  • Price: $25,000