Threat Model Training

The Threat Modeling Experience Lab

Deep dive training makes threat modeling second nature.

During this approximately 10 hour lab, teams dig in to build secure by design-based processes and even have a friendly Threat Modeling Showdown. Focus on threat model concepts, exercises, and homework to jumpstart your program and establish the right threat modeling practices.

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Ready to dig in and establish processes to adopt a true secure by design practice? This intensive lab includes ~10 hours of focused, threat model training, exercises, and homework to jumpstart your program and establish the right threat modeling processes. Participants explore each phase of the threat modeling process complete with hands-on activities. The lab ends with a Threat Modeling Showdown to spark collaboration and a little friendly competition.

What To Expect:

  • Session 1: Scope

    • Overview of threat modeling

    • Scoping exercise & homework

  • Session 2: Draw

    • Drawing exercise & homework

  • Session 3: Analyze

    • Analysis exercise & homework

  • Session 4: Mitigate

    • Mitigation exercise & homework

  • Session 5: Threat Modeling Showdown

Results & Takeaways:

Participants will learn an end-to-end threat modeling process and will perform exercises for each phase of the process and will gain knowledge and experience in how to put threat modeling to work in their day-to-day work experiences. Participants will put what they learn into practice through homework assignments (in class for multi-day, outside of class for 2x5).

Logistics & Cost

  • Length: We offer two delivery options for this lab:

    • Two, 8-hour days

    • Two hours per day for five days

  • Mode of delivery: On-site or Virtual

  • Number of participants: min. 8 – max. 20

  • Costs: $2,550 per student + travel costs, if applicable

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