Threat Model Examples

Threat Modeling Showdown Learning Lab

Real-time red and blue team, competitive threat modeling.

Experience the thrill of testing and growing your threat modeling expertise in our dynamic, competitive learning lab! Team up with fellow participants to unearth hidden threats and devise effective countermeasures.

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Brush up on your threat modeling skills and dig into threat modeling examples. With participants split into red and blue teams, each reviews a complex system diagram to identify the top ten potential threats collaboratively.

As the competition rises and the countdown timer reaches zero, the teams switch threat lists with the challenge to think strategically and craft robust mitigations. Our expert panel evaluates all entries in real time. Winners receive recognition for their exceptional skills.

This learning lab offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn from and interact with experienced threat modeling practitioners. Participants collaborate and become pivotal players in this strategy game, competing to be crowned as a Threat Modeling Champion!

What To Expect:

  • Phase One – an instructional session reviewing five threat modeling methodologies (STRIDE, LINDDUN, ASVS, ATT&CK, D3FEND). Participants split into teams and receive designs for the threat model. (30 mins)

  • Phase Two – a request for questions session, where teams review and ask clarifying questions about the designs. (15 mins)

  • Phase Three – a RED TEAM exercise, where each team works collaboratively to create a list of unique threats against a data flow diagram. (25 mins)

  • Phase Four – a BLUE TEAM exercise, where each team receives a set of threats from a different team, and generates mitigations based on the threats identified by their opposing team. (25 mins)

  • Phase Five – retrospective and announce winners of the event. (10 Mins)

  • Phase Six – question and answer. (10 Mins)

Results & Takeaways:

Participants leave with a heightened understanding of the various threat and mitigation methodologies that exist for threat modeling, and how to apply those tools to their threat modeling discipline.

Logistics & Cost

  • Length: 2.5 hours

  • Number of Participants: min. 8 – max. 30; teams of 4 or 5 participants

  • Mode of Delivery: Virtual

  • Price: $400 per student

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