Threat Models that {practically} build themselves

Finally, an AppSec tool built for developers, engineers, and the DevSecOps teams that support them.

The Devici platform empowers teams to mitigate threats in everything they build. From new features to legacy code, application threat modeling is about to be easy, efficient, and collaborative.

Are you ready?​

Threat Model for Free
Seamlessly work together with the entire team to build threat models that help you mitigate more threats.

AI-Infused Threat Modeling:
Overcome Knowledge Gaps

Identifying potential security threats by entering keyword attributes

Imagine identifying potential application security and privacy threats by entering a few words related to a design element. We’re combining the expertise of the leading threat modeling experts with the power of AI to create a tool that improves your threat modeling program. Identify and mitigate security and privacy threats faster by filling knowledge gaps.

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The Devici Codex:
A Built-In Threat Modeling Expert

Fill security knowledge gaps with the Devici Codex

The Codex combines popular threat modeling frameworks, with security and privacy methodologies, including STRIDE, OWASP Top Ten, OWASP Top Ten for LLMs, OWASP API Security Top 10, LINDDUN, Capitals, and CWE.

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Code Genius:
Auto-Generate Models from Your Code

Seamlessly work together with the entire team to build threat models that help you mitigate more threats.

Devici Code Genius investigates your code, dissects each part, and builds a threat model draft. The best part? It then aligns the application elements with attributes, threats, and mitigations from the Codex libraries using a variety of threat modeling methodologies. Stay focused on remediating real weaknesses and vulnerabilities, not drafting the model.

The code stays on your system, not ours, to ensure your trade secrets remain secret.

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Real-Time Collaboration
Gives Everyone a Voice

Real-time threat modeling collaboration gives everyone a voice

Collaboration is a core component of the threat modeling process. But things get challenging when teams are dispersed across different locations and disciplines. Devici supports real-time collaboration, ensuring every team member can contribute equally and maximize their input.

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The Power of Simplicity,
the Heart of Threat Modeling Tools

Simplified threat modeling that works with your development processes.

The Devici canvas is the heart of a threat modeling diagram -- a modern drawing tool that's simple but powerful. Individuals and teams working in sync build data flow diagrams using a modern design tool. Everything happens here — add elements, assign attributes, uncover threats, then address mitigations. Gain insight into the health and completeness of your models, the number of threats and mitigations identified, and much more – all from one screen.

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Are you looking to make threat modeling a part of your application security tools? See how Devici can help secure your software.

Threat Model for Free
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