Devici Canvas
Craft Precise, Powerful Threat Models

A central hub for creating data flow diagrams that are simple, scalable, and drive actionable security results.

Data flow diagram from Devici Canvas

The heart and soul of threat modeling

Intuitive Design Interface

The Devici Canvas offers a modern, user-friendly environment to visually map out data flows, enabling a clear understanding of complex systems.

Real-Time, Comprehensive Threat Discovery

Apply data and functional attributes to each element in your model, and then let our tool quickly uncover potential threats and mitigations from the Devici Codex.

Unmatched Clarity & Insight

Manage threats and mitigations, understand how they interact across the entire model, update status, and identify critical actions – all from a single view.

Threat Modeling Has Never Been So Easy

Dynamic Data Flow Diagrams

Effortlessly create and scale diagrams that adapt as your project grows.

Contextual Threat & Mitigation Suggestions

Integrated LLM for real-time threat identification and mitigation.

Synchronized Team Collaboration

Every team member becomes the threat modeling process, enabling real-time editing and feedback.

Streamline Your Threat Modeling Process

Transform the complex task of threat modeling into a streamlined, collaborative, and insightful process. Bring clarity to your security strategy, uncover more threats, and find mitigations faster with a canvas designed for the modern era of security and privacy by design.

Dive In! Threat Model for Free!

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