Unifying Threat Modeling Experiences

Facing the challenge of remote team collaboration head-on, we ensure everyone has a voice.

Collaborative threat modeling harnesses collective Intelligence.

More Voices, Bigger Security Improvements

Seamless Team Integration

Our platform fosters real-time interaction, welcoming contributions from all team members, regardless of location.

Harness Collective Intelligence

Avoid an over-reliance on any single “threat modeling hero,” encouraging a balanced and comprehensive approach.

Devici Collaboration at a Glance

Real-Time Live Interaction

Work together within the threat model, seeing updates as they happen.

Inclusive Contribution

A single, constantly refreshed view means everyone stays on the same page.

Interactive Canvas

Utilize sticky notes and comments for dynamic communication, ensuring that every suggestion and insight is captured.

Boost Security with Collaborative Threat Modeling

Invite the whole team to the table. Access their collective knowledge and experience. Build better threat models. Collaborate with up to 10 team members for Free

Start Modeling For Free

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