Threat Modeling Podcast

Hosted by Chris Romeo, who is on a journey to understand threat modeling at the deepest levels. He thought he understood threat modeling but realized he could go deeper. Chris shares his findings and talks with some of the best-known experts in the space to experience continuous learning. Join along for the ride — you will learn something.

AppSec Podcast

Hosted by Chris Romeo and Robert Hurlbut, they dig into the tips, tricks, projects, and tactics that make various application security professionals successful. They cover all facets of application security, from threat modeling and OWASP to DevOps+security and security champions. They approach these stories in an educational light, explaining the details in a way those new to the discipline can understand.

The Security Table

Hosted by Chris Romeo, Izar Tarandach, and Matthew Coles, the Security Table is four cybersecurity industry veterans from diverse backgrounds discussing how to build secure software and all the issues that arise!

Thanks to Chris and Kerr Ventures for sharing this content with us!

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