Devici Codex
Actionable, Impactful Threat Models

In an era where security and private by design is not just a mantra but a mandate, the Devici Codex becomes your ally in finding and mitigating threats.

Enhance your threat models with Devici’s proactive knowledge libraries

Security Insights that Streamline Threat Modeling Efforts

Enhance threat models with our proactive knowledge libraries that combine simplicity with powerful automation to uncover and align threats.

Comprehensive Threat Library

Access a curated collection of threats and mitigations from leading frameworks: STRIDE-LM, CAPITALS (for Zero Trust), MITRE’s Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE), LINDDUN, and various OWASP Top Tens (including Web, API, and LLM).

Intelligent Libraries

Three interconnected libraries reveal threats and mitigations, while Smart Attributes, powered by our LLM, enhance the results.

Instant Mitigation Strategies

With just a few clicks, obtain the best mitigation recommendations tailored to each identified threat.

The Custom Codex

Enable your team to build a custom Codex, creating a threat and mitigation library based on all the unique scenarios you’ve captured. BTW, your Custom Codex is only available to YOU.

The Power of the Devici Codex

Security and Privacy Simplified

No need to be a security or privacy guru—the Codex integrates expansive knowledge, making complex threat frameworks accessible.

Informed Data Flow Diagrams

Empower your models with built-in privacy and security, meeting today’s requirements effortlessly.

Seamless Integration

Intuitive functionality integrates directly into the core of Devici and the fabric of every threat model.

Embrace Secure Software Development

Transition from reactive to proactive security and privacy efforts. The Devici Codex equips developers to infuse robust intelligence from the get-go.

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