Meet Leo
AI-Infused, Smart Threat Modeling

Elevate your security and privacy game with Devici's suite of AI-infused features. The sophistication of AI with the nuanced understanding of human expertise.

Smart Attributes: Threat Modeling in Your Own Words Infused with AI

Smart Attributes: Threat Modeling in Your Own Words Infused with AI

Natural Language

Leo uses natural language to identify threats from the Devici Codex, resulting in a more robust list of issues for you to mitigate. Leo partners with you to capture your product or system's functional and data management, ensuring your threat models are robust and complete.

Contextual Intelligence

Our LLM technology transforms your descriptions into a list of security and privacy attributes, ensuring total threat model accuracy and precision. Those attributes are considered against the Devici Codex to provide the best possible list of threats.

User-Led Discovery

Input how your element functions or manages data, and Leo will suggest relevant attributes, capturing the essence of what you are building.

Where you need it; when you need it

Not Just Another Chatbot

Leo runs in the background to lend a helpful hand. Unlike a chatbot, Leo's features add intelligence exactly where and when you need it.

Improve Security & Privacy Knowledge

Leo helps build your in-house skills with a powerhouse toolset that helps you identify threats faster.

Your Threat Modeling Guide

Leo’s AI-infused features are set apart by their ability to respond to user input, anticipate, and guide. He's your intelligent threat modeling companion.

Step into the Future of Threat Modeling with Devici

Unleash the potential of your development team with AI that works for you. From the detail-oriented Smart Attributes to the comprehensive Devici Codex, your path to secure software has never been more straightforward.

Embrace AI-Infused Security

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