Code Genius
Automated Threat Modeling Direct from Your Code

In an Agile world, security can't slow you down. Code Genius revolutionizes threat modeling, integrating it directly into your development workflow.

Code Genius has a comprehensive rules engine that assembles threat models automatically.

Build Robust Threat Models Faster

Code Genius has a comprehensive rules engine that assembles threat models by analyzing your codebase and examining the routing and database layers, looking for security controls like authentication, authorization, and logging, and scanning for external entities represented as packages that interact with external services.

Instant Model Creation

Our tool scans your code and drafts a model. Then, our AI-driven tools automatically identify potential threats so you can mitigate them before they become issues.

Threat Model ALL Your Code

Sure, erforming threat modeling on every user story is best before the code is committed to production. However, the reality is that 99% of the existing code is in production and has not been threat modeled. Enter Code Genius.

D-SAST – Your New AppSec Tool

Code Genius introduces a groundbreaking new category of application security tooling, Design SAST or D-SAST. With a simple scan of your code, we build and update threat models.

Threat Modeling for the DevSecOps Pipeline

Code Genius integrates into the build pipeline to generate or update threat models with every code commit.

No Code Upload

Your code stays in your systems. Code Genius runs on your machine or within your source code control system, safeguarding your codebase by keeping it in-house.

Flexible Language Compatibility

Code Genius currently supports JavaScript & TypeScript. Support for Java and others is coming soon!

Why Is Code Genius Threat Model Automation Different?


Built for developers, it empowers your team to quickly build threat models, increasing threat and mitigation identification.

Seamless Integration

Easily slides into your current operations, enhancing security without interrupting your development cycle.

Scale as You Grow

Code Genius scales to fit your needs whether you're a sprouting startup or a global enterprise.

Step into the Future of Secure Development

Join the ranks of developers who choose smart, secure software solutions. With Code Genius, you're not just coding but confidently enhancing application security.

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