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Brian Mosley Joins Devici as COO

A Strategic Move for Enhanced Customer-Centric Growth

Written by: Chris Romeo
Wed, Feb 28 2024

We’re excited that Brian Mosley has joined us as Chief Operating Officer. With a pragmatic approach to growing teams and companies in the tech sector over the last 20 years, Brian's expertise transforms customer feedback into actionable insights that drive product and service enhancements.

In his tenure at IBM, Dimension Data, and NTT, he demonstrated the ability to lead teams through complex challenges and deliver tangible results that improved IT, systems, and business operations. Brian’s strategic vision at Security Journey was about scaling operations and creating measurable value for customers, leading to a substantial increase in market share.

Brian’s success stories often highlight his talent for listening to user challenges and spearheading initiatives that address their core concerns. This approach has improved user experiences and product functionality, a testament to his customer-first philosophy. This same approach is echoed by his teams, who often look to him for mentorship and career growth support.

As he steps into his role at Devici, Brian brings a clear vision: to embed our secure-by-design ethos even more deeply into the fabric of our threat modeling platform. He’s poised to leverage his extensive background to anticipate the evolving needs of our customers, ensuring Devici leads market innovation in secure and privacy by design.

In his words: "The true test of our platform is not just in its technical robustness but in how well it empowers our users to anticipate and neutralize threats. It's about making complex security modeling accessible and actionable for every developer."

Brian's arrival reinforces our mission — to make threat modeling simple, scalable, and actionable. We're not just excited to have him join us; we're ready to see how his insight will shape our journey towards a more secure digital world.

Welcome to the team, Brian. Here's to creating a future where security is not an afterthought; it’s by design.

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